About Us
About Us

FARZANEGAN Science and Industry International Co


Our company carries a complete selection of quality wireless communication products including Motorola and Radius Two-way radios, accessories and on-site paging systems.

Our experienced team provides highly competitive wireless communication solutions through the application of innovative and proven advance technologies to support client goals.

We provide a thorough analysis of client needs and goals then prepare a crisp clear matching specification aimed at cost-effective fulfillment. While evaluating the comprehensive client scenario, we identify and focus high-intensity solutions on specific areas of need as part of a well-structured plan.


About Farzanegan Company

Farzanegan Co. was founded in 1993 by some professional managers and experts of IT Industry. Our focus areas include:

  • Wireless Technologies
  • Wireless System Application Production
  • Broadcasting Solution
  • Tracking Systems
  • Design and Implementation
  • Solution Development and Maintenance


Up to 1997, the company performed vast wireless hardware activities in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Pakistan, CIS countries, Kuwait, Qatar with the collaboration of various distinguished companies.

In 1997, Farzanegan attained its license from Iran's ICT ministry in the fields of design, implementation, import and supply of HW/SW in the field of Radio Networks.

In 2002, we attained our license from Iran's ICT ministry to establish the pilot project of Trunk Tetra Radio Network of Tehran.

Some of our clients include:

  • UN, Islamic Development Bank
  • Western G Co.(England)
  • National Iranian Oil company
  • Different Refining Complexes in Iran
  • Gas/Power Plant Construction Companies
  • Power Distribution Companies
  • Dam Construction Companies
  • Iranian Ministries of Power, Education, Foreign affairs, and Commerce
  • Melli and Agriculture Banks

Our group consists of :

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